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“I met a feminist who bragged about not cooking because it’s ‘primitive.’ I asked what she will feed her kids. She laughed and said nothing.”





To all men of the world, DO NOT USE TAWKIFY!

Tawkify.com is a bullshit dating site where men must give their information on income, education, etc. and then send photo of themselves to the women, then the women get to SCREEN the men out without giving any information about themselves (nor even a photo!).

Women in the US have enough power and already are more educated and employed than men.  Forget these bitches, whores, and careerists.

Save your money and go find foreign women in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia!

Let these harpies live and die alone with their minimum four cats!

Men don't have any feelings after all! Bow down to her royal, entitled ass! It's your duty as a MANNNNNNNNN!

Wow, I’m not alone. Other guys think American women suck, too.

I found these sites on the internet.
American women are in trouble.








The Tom Leykis Show







And these sites are just the tip of the iceberg.  Just google “American women suck” and there are over 28,000,000 results.

Thank god, North America holds barely 5% of the world’s population.


Stay-at-home moms provide almost $100,000 in value. More than what most people make!

So I was looking for information on how much value housewives provide.  Well, according to economists it’s over $92,000!  That’s much more than the median salary of American women!

And just to think feminists believe women are wasting their lives when they become housewives and mothers.  I’m not surprised.  My maternal grandma is one of the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met and she’s been a stay-at-home mom her whole life.  She raised four children and has six grandchildren.  They ALL love her and visit her in Taiwan, even though most of the family lives in the US now.

I’ve never heard that much love for a career woman who sent her children to daycare and fed ’em fast food because that’s more convenient than cooking healthy, home cooked meals.

God bless great stay-at-home moms!  Any self-honest, sensible, rational guy should realize that career women make shitty wives and mothers on average.  Here’s the study, says Forbes Magazine.

Time is a woman’s worst enemy. Time is like kyptronite to a woman.


I found this excerpt online and couldn’t agree with it more.  It’s hilarious yet so sad.

All correct my friend. Time and aging are like kyrptonite to women, they lose all powers and value as time goes on.

What is the point of marrying a woman in the hopes of having a family when she can no longer have children? Why engage in a traditional relationship with non-traditional woman?

Western women have NOTHING to offer men these days.

Companionship = Catering to her ever demands
Commitment = Enslavement
Family = Paternity fraud
Love = She will love you but not be ‘in’ love with you
Marriage = Alimony
Sex = Only for other men
Looks = A declining asset


Femnism and Obesity

Ever since feminism went into its second wave over 40 years ago, America’s obesity epidemic has blossomed.  Once the vast majority of women started pursuing careers as their main goal, Americans have gotten fatter and fatter.  Ever since the Baby Boomer generation, each successive generation has only gotten fatter on average.

Now some people would argue with me that the fact that Second Wave Feminism and the obesity epidemic started around the same time is merely correlation and not necessarily causation.  However, let’s use some simple logic.

If both parents work outside, there’s a high chance no one will cook.

If no one will cook, the family will have to find food outside of home cooking.

If the family is looking for food outside of home cooking, what options does it have?

Well, in America there’s:

Fast food chains and sit-in restaurants.

People, fast food chains and sit-in restaurants are businesses and businesses exist to make profit.

So what do they do?  They make their food as tasty and yummy as possible.

So they add fat, sugar and salt.  These three flavorings make you fat.

When women cooked at home before this goddamn woman’s liberation movement, virtually no one was obese.

Now most women my age don’t know how to cook and think it’s oppression.

I just don’t get it, do you ladies not understand that cooking for your man is also cooking for your family.  That’s why men love women who cook.

We think you’ll cook for our future children.  We think you will be loving and nurturing!  Oppression my ass!  Working for forty years in an office five days a week is oppression!

Guess what?  I cook better than most women my age.  I’m a young guy who sleeps in my day clothes and showers every other day  or so.

Too bad ladies, we ain’t getting married anymore.

Thus, obesity and feminism go hand-in-hand in America.

Modern women make terrible long-term partners and wives, but damn they make great sex objects!

When I think about the modern woman in the West, I ask the question:what is she good at that men value?

Being caring and nurturing?  No

Being feminine and attractive to men?  Not really

Being good wives and mothers? Hell NO!

The reality I find is that the modern woman is only good for one thing:


Really, what else is she good for?  Sure, she makes money, but men work and have careers partially in order to attract women.  So a career woman is redundant to a successful, attractive man.
What does a successful, attractive man look for in a woman?









and lastly…


Of course, all men look at woman at think of sex, anyway…  but I digress.

The fact to the matter is that women who are career-driven do not make good partners.  In order to move up in the corporate ladder in America, one must act and be more masculine.  Men are meant to be masculine, women are not.  Women lose their femininity when they seek male power through a career, but they lose what makes them attractive to men for anything LONG-TERM and MEANINGFUL.
Don’t believe me?  The marriage rate is at its lowest in the US.  The birth rate is down.  And there’s  an unspoken marriage strike in the US.

Men nowadays see women as competitors in education and the workplace, not caring, nurturing, loving partners.

Ladies, if you expect to “have it all” as the feminists would have you believe, there’s a high probability you’ll end up a spinster with cats or divorced from a husband who you don’t respect.

Time is on man’s side, not on woman’s.  Learn to be feminine again and put your man and family on top of your list of priorities.

After all, as American men, we have literally hundreds of millions of young, beautiful, feminine, foreign women who would at least give us a chance with them.

I know…  from experience.  Ladies, you guys don’t have a monopoly on pussy in this world.

Gotta love Asian women, Russian women, Latin women…