About Me

My name is Bohème Chinois and I am a writer, poet, philosopher, seducer, entrepreneur, and explorer of life.  I graduated from college in 2011 with very little and now I am here to pick up my life together. I am an expat and love to travel all over the world.  I am part of a growing movement of young men deciding to shun the traditional model of life due to factors including radical feminism, the US’s economic decline, and an unsatisfactory culture.  This blog is my annul of self-improvement, my hall of progress, my sanctuary of free expression, my campus of intellectual musings, and my castle of thoughts.

Along the way, I am conquering my body, mastering game with women, pursuing wealth, and pondering about our modern world (the good, bad and whatever is in the crossfires).

I trek on towards adventure and discovery.  Will you join me?


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey – you recently commented on Roosh´s website:

    “The reason why Colombia, Venezuela and Asian countries don’t have the same level of feminist bullshit as they grow richer is because the men don’t put pussy on pedestals. Here in Asia, all men know that women look at men in terms of utility as much, if not more, as personality. So men don’t worship women like goddesses like American men do. They know the contract and more men think it’s a bad deal, so women have far less power.”

    I Could not agree more. They know the contract. “Know thy contract between yourself and the female” should be written in the Holy Bible, but its not however, enlightened men are now writing their own bible at this point.

    For men, regardless of age be it 15 or 55 who just unplugged may ask “What is the contract? Where do I go read this contract?” Though there has been a lot of insightful and extensive writings done by many men who see the light, I have the 2 key sources:

    1. Briffault´s Law
    2. The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar

    Briffaults Law is truly the Rosetta stone of female behavior, and its summed up in just a few sentences. The Manipulated Man, a short book that can be read in a day, was written in 1971 when the tin soldiers of feminism were marching down the streets. And nonetheless her assertions are absolutely congruent with my experiences and observations, as well as many other men. The author Vilar, an argentine who relocated to Germany originally wrote her book in German, but it has since been translated into other languages and pertains to any human walking vagina back then and today. She has effectively outlined the WOMAN. What one deduces from both Briffaults Law and Manipulated Man is that, in the final analysis, the mystery of a female is truly the product of the romantic imagination of men.

    Those 2 key sources is all any man needs to comprehend and take to heart, and he will be free.

    BTW Boheme thanks too for your blog sharing your insights and experiences. I wish you the very best.


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