To all men of the world, DO NOT USE TAWKIFY! Fuck Tawkify. Screw Tawkify. Ignore Tawkify.

To all men of the world, DO NOT USE TAWKIFY! is a bullshit dating site where men must give their information on income, education, etc. and then send photo of themselves to the women, then the women get to SCREEN the men out without giving any information about themselves (nor even a photo!).

Women in the US have enough power and already are more educated and employed than men.  Forget these bitches, whores, and careerists.

Save your money and go find foreign women in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia!

Let these harpies live and die alone with their minimum four cats!

Men don't have any feelings after all! Bow down to her royal, entitled ass! It's your duty as a MANNNNNNNNN!


6 thoughts on “To all men of the world, DO NOT USE TAWKIFY! Fuck Tawkify. Screw Tawkify. Ignore Tawkify.

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  2. I noticed your comment on Roosh.

    You get it. We have to let the world burn. It’s only after a dead forest burns down that it can be reborn and full of life again.

  3. As an internationalist who has travelled the world several times over, many of those foreign women you speak of are gold-digger love ’em and leave ’em types. If they come from a “good family” you will have an even harder time making inroads than an American woman would with their men.

    There’s some famous qoute from some famous writer on gender parity about how, “in every place and in every time the men and women of any culture deserve each other”.

    I’m sure you’ve heard that one before.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard of that quote. So it’s better to move to the foreign woman’s country instead. American women are golddiggers and shitty and perhaps some foreign women are too. However, over foreign women are still better than American women. As men, we must accept that women care about our income potentials since time immemorial. That’s just a fact.

      So better never to marry and just have girlfriends and fuck buddies.

  4. Uh, tawkify does not work like that.
    They do not ask for any financial or educational info and the women do not see the guy’s photos or profiles. You have it all wrong. Ya shouldn’t shoot your mouth off about things you don’t know about.

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