Wow, I’m not alone. Other guys think American women suck, too.

I found these sites on the internet.
American women are in trouble.—why-marriage-has-become-a-raw-deal-for-men.html

The Tom Leykis Show



And these sites are just the tip of the iceberg.  Just google “American women suck” and there are over 28,000,000 results.

Thank god, North America holds barely 5% of the world’s population.


18 thoughts on “Wow, I’m not alone. Other guys think American women suck, too.

  1. White Women Don’t Cut Off Men’s Privates

    “Thanks to Kieu Becker and her penis-severing, garbage disposal-grinding ways, I have to make a list about 9 instances of men’s penises getting chopped off and the circumstances under which it occurred. If I don’t list the reason for the attack, it was anger over being cheated on. I didn’t want to be repetitive. As you go down the list, realize that if you are planning on cheating on your wife, don’t pick an older Chinese woman. Because she WILL cut your penis off if she finds out. Which is weird, because it’s a chopstick culture. Huh.”

  2. Of course you are not alone, any guy with common sense will notice, that America is a male bashing society. Dont get married to an American born woman (any ethnicity).

    • now you tell me,fuck ive been married to 1 14 yrs. she moved out and left her son with me.she thinks we should be rich! were in debt to are necks,,fuck me

  3. I cant seem to find any woman from the United States that is worth a shit. They live in a make believe world. I was married for almost 10 years and it was great in the the first 7 years and all of a sudden she had to have money and not pay the bills. By the time i found out what was going on then she already spoke to a lawyer and was in the process of getting a divorce. She took half of my 401k. She then took the truck i drive and two other cars that we had that were not on the road.

    She sold everything and blew all the money and is with another guy now. I was mad at first and then said go ahead and kill some other guy who is hard up. Wait till he finds out what she is like?Haha

    So there is no way that i will ever have anything to do with any woman from the Untited States.

    I am looking abroad for someone that seems to want to be with me and not for money? I know there are alot of woman that just want money. Now that i am older and know what i want then i will not be in a hurry to screw up my life again with a wreck(American woman)lol

    Never again

    • There are plenty of women who are just looking for love with a good, decent man. The problem with the US is that our women are way too spoiled. They’re so pampered and protected that they can just treat men like an expendable resource. Just like our government does to men.

    • Hey Mike – sorry to hear about the bad luck man 😦

      I am married 5 years to a Ukrainian woman. I won’t lie – it hasn’t been a bed of roses, but damned if we don’t fight out / work out our problems. The biggest issue is simply a cultural difference…but we work through it, because we love each other. If you meet an eastern European girl, and truly love each other and get married, the only problem you’ll ever have is just cultural differences.

      Oh, and don’t ever be a ‘nice guy’ and treat them as you would an American woman…this simply confuses them, and leads them to acting like bitches. By all means, treat them well, but be the man and lead. It is what their culture is like, and how they were raised. They want to be your partner and friend as well as your wife and lover. You can’t go wrong with women from this culture. American women have totally fucked up a good thing with American men.

    • I don’t condone violence against women, but if a woman EVER stole my hard earned money knowing she didn’t do anything to deserve it, I WOULD KILL HER. THAT’S WHY I WILL NEVER GET MARRIED TO AN AMERICAN WOMAN. And it sucks too or does it? I think American women are the most beautiful women on the face of this planet. It’s their man hating attitudes that ruin them. Just consider that 401(k) a cheaper solution to what you may have paid if you ended up staying with her for a lifetime. I HATE american women. They have some mental issues to work out.

  4. I knew a divorced guy that had been married to an American woman. He sat talking to me one day while I was working on his scuba gear, telling me about his x-American wife..she was bitching at him for not spending enough time with her etc, so while on one of many of their island getaways he took her out on the dive boat with him. He went diving (scuba) and half way through started feeling guilty about having left her on the boat to simply sun…so he ended the dive early and upon surfacing found his his lovely American wife was f’n the dive tender. She got the house, the kids, and a sweet monthly payment.

    • I don’t believe your story. I think stories like yours are the typical brainwashing scare tactic main stream media uses. Because it is CLEARLY against the law to award someone alimony and half the assets if she was cheating. However, in case your story is true, I would have a dead ex wife and a few orphaned children when I was done “talking” to my ex wife. I’d kill a woman if she EVER thought she was taking ANYTHING I worked my a((s))s off for.

  5. Mike, thanks for linking to The truth is, foreign women WANT you to be in control and they WANT you to lead the household. Like was said above, this is their culture and how they were raised. They don’t want a wimp, they want a REAL man. They expect you to provide them with security as in a safe, comfortable home with enough money to provide a happy family. In return, they give all their energy to taking care of the house and the family. That means cooking, cleaning, laundry, other traditional wifely duties, and they ENJOY doing it. My foreign wife and I NEVER argue or fight because what I want is what goes. Try that with an American woman, and she’ll cut off your balls.Feminism has totally ruined American women and American families. Someday when it’s too late, they will finally realize it.

  6. I met and then moved in with my current wife, Sheri after just three weeks of meeting her. You could say that it was love at first site. I am a Maj. In the US Air Force and was stationed in Canada, where I met my wife. When I met her she was married to a Canadian Air Force soldier. Our union caused the breakup of her marriage of almost 20 years. Within one year I was able to get both her son and daughter to move out. I even promised to overlook her past work with CSIS now that she was retired. It was so refreshing to meet such a nice girl as compared to American woman. I was married to two different American woman and both turned out to be complete disappointments. My new wife knows her place and her role in a marriage. I am the man and I am the one in charge.

  7. I agree 100%. I am only 18 and I have already seen the light. I stopped liking American women after conversations from many friends (and dealing with an american woman teacher who is a bitch). I will forever look for an Asian wife and if I can’t, I’d rather spend the rest of my life alone that even try to attempt to pick up one of these useless crapheads! American women are focused on one thing MONEY MONEY MONEY! Oh did I mention Money? They only care about them selves and then blame the man when the Impossible to meet criteria can’t be fulfilled.

  8. women have bitched about Men for years lumping us all in the same boat, well all you westernized women are NOT the Queen of Sheba! Truth is what it is! At least when you find a guy that is who he is, with women they change into somebody you don’t even know and run off with some other guy or are cheating on you right now! But, they are great at keeping it from you, a weasel trait they have! If I was young again, I’d find a women someplace else for Marriage, maybe she’d end up the same, but at least I’d have a chance she would stay faithful to me. A westernized women doesn’t Love you, she’s using you for a “means to something,” God help you when you can no longer offer the “means to something,” or she want’s another “means to something” you can not offer! She’ll be moving on, as the majority do!

  9. American Women and ALL other Spoiled, Slutty,Gold digging, Feminist Women can ROT IN HELL. Thank you for writing this article as it outlines a major problem in our society having to do with the treatment and respect of Men.

  10. If you want, you can add my blog page to your list, which is in my details in the comments. I’ve been dating for over 15 years and I find a good majority of the American women are the most narcissistic, stand-offish, self-centered, self-entitled, power mad,spoiled rotten, ignorant creatures to ever walk on the face of the planet! Any American woman who is feminized will most likely cheat on you. They treat nice guys like crap, yet they expect guys to bow down to them and kiss their ass! Sorry. Not gonna happen! Instead of seeking hot guys, I seriously think these women need to see a therapist! They’re unlaughably delusional Barbie wannabe’s who expect a Brad Pitt! Gentlemen, it’s time you stop fucking around with these self-entitled selfish spoiled brats, grow some real balls, get your passport and start traveling to other countries to get yourself a real traditional, high quality, nice and beautiful foreign women to marry! Don’t bother with most of these plastic women in the United States!

  11. American women are freaking awful. They’re only interested in one thing, what they can get from you, and when they can get it. Most of them are narcissistic, materialistic, entitled, controlling, self-centered, rude, opinionated, greedy, and utterly shallow bitches. In addition, just about all of them will cheat on you if they know they can get away with it. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, if you give them access to your bank account, don’t be surprised to find yourself broke at the end of every pay period. Every dime you’ve earn will be sucked dry as soon as they get their hands on it. This will happen quite frequently, same rule goes for joint credit cards. In the end, you’re the sucker that’s going to be paying the bill. Moreover, they love using children as pawns to manipulate their men; this is a VERY common tactic among American women. Some will even attempt to have you murdered for insurance money to finance their new lives without you. Most of the women I’ve dated seem normal for a few months until I start noticing something’s amiss; just about all of them have some, or all of these traits in common, and most of them have substance abuse problems, WOW big shocker there! The feminist movement has destroyed the American family, and turned our women into drug addicts, and shallow whores. This holds true especially for the women down here in Florida. That’s why I am telling my sons now, if they want to find a good wife, they need to look outside the country. For all of you single men out there, do yourselves a favor and look elsewhere for a wife.

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