Femnism and Obesity

Ever since feminism went into its second wave over 40 years ago, America’s obesity epidemic has blossomed.  Once the vast majority of women started pursuing careers as their main goal, Americans have gotten fatter and fatter.  Ever since the Baby Boomer generation, each successive generation has only gotten fatter on average.

Now some people would argue with me that the fact that Second Wave Feminism and the obesity epidemic started around the same time is merely correlation and not necessarily causation.  However, let’s use some simple logic.

If both parents work outside, there’s a high chance no one will cook.

If no one will cook, the family will have to find food outside of home cooking.

If the family is looking for food outside of home cooking, what options does it have?

Well, in America there’s:

Fast food chains and sit-in restaurants.

People, fast food chains and sit-in restaurants are businesses and businesses exist to make profit.

So what do they do?  They make their food as tasty and yummy as possible.

So they add fat, sugar and salt.  These three flavorings make you fat.

When women cooked at home before this goddamn woman’s liberation movement, virtually no one was obese.

Now most women my age don’t know how to cook and think it’s oppression.

I just don’t get it, do you ladies not understand that cooking for your man is also cooking for your family.  That’s why men love women who cook.

We think you’ll cook for our future children.  We think you will be loving and nurturing!  Oppression my ass!  Working for forty years in an office five days a week is oppression!

Guess what?  I cook better than most women my age.  I’m a young guy who sleeps in my day clothes and showers every other day  or so.

Too bad ladies, we ain’t getting married anymore.

Thus, obesity and feminism go hand-in-hand in America.


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