Modern women make terrible long-term partners and wives, but damn they make great sex objects!

When I think about the modern woman in the West, I ask the question:what is she good at that men value?

Being caring and nurturing?  No

Being feminine and attractive to men?  Not really

Being good wives and mothers? Hell NO!

The reality I find is that the modern woman is only good for one thing:


Really, what else is she good for?  Sure, she makes money, but men work and have careers partially in order to attract women.  So a career woman is redundant to a successful, attractive man.
What does a successful, attractive man look for in a woman?









and lastly…


Of course, all men look at woman at think of sex, anyway…  but I digress.

The fact to the matter is that women who are career-driven do not make good partners.  In order to move up in the corporate ladder in America, one must act and be more masculine.  Men are meant to be masculine, women are not.  Women lose their femininity when they seek male power through a career, but they lose what makes them attractive to men for anything LONG-TERM and MEANINGFUL.
Don’t believe me?  The marriage rate is at its lowest in the US.  The birth rate is down.  And there’s  an unspoken marriage strike in the US.

Men nowadays see women as competitors in education and the workplace, not caring, nurturing, loving partners.

Ladies, if you expect to “have it all” as the feminists would have you believe, there’s a high probability you’ll end up a spinster with cats or divorced from a husband who you don’t respect.

Time is on man’s side, not on woman’s.  Learn to be feminine again and put your man and family on top of your list of priorities.

After all, as American men, we have literally hundreds of millions of young, beautiful, feminine, foreign women who would at least give us a chance with them.

I know…  from experience.  Ladies, you guys don’t have a monopoly on pussy in this world.

Gotta love Asian women, Russian women, Latin women…


8 thoughts on “Modern women make terrible long-term partners and wives, but damn they make great sex objects!

  1. Again it’s always the woman’s fault. Why don’t you look at society as awhole, it’s structure, format, materialsim, money and economics before you write things you are not fully educated in. In today’s society with the cost of living and prices extremely high with everything one purchases, and the economy down the tube, most women feel overwhemingly they need to provide income in the home, as well as most males on an average wage will totally agree that his one wage could not afford a mortgage, putting 2-3 children through school, healthy food is extremely costly, and most couples are aware that within Capitalism, unless you are very well off, both men and women need to be in the work force. Your view is not based on economic facts, and society as it is, but based on a sexist attitude of blaming women, that started from Adam and Eve didn’t it?

    • I suppose your getting it abit side track, he is presenting an argument about how those “finer”-if you could call that-qualities of a women seems to disappear, sure times changes, economy, capittalism, bla,bla,bla…plus he is just using working women as an example, you seem emotionally driven your self when presenting your counter-argument, bring back the context ‘women are only good for sex’, your making it sound like…like women are suppose to be prostitutes (since your going pro for working is this context)…well, that’s what im getting anyway…what im getting from this post is that there seems to be a switch in gender roles, im not sure since im asian, but hearing from here and there that women from the west (America especially) are taking over the offices and men stayed home. Personally, yes, i can relate to how women here in Asia are devout mothers and daughters to their mothers since its a culture here that parents are held with great respect (take Japanese for extreme examples-there’s meme of it everywhere on the internet). Going to the conclusion, he is saying that women are starting to became less viable as a companion for life, and plus…that Adam and Eve thing…PUH-LEASE…muslims had it way further…no offence to you muslims out there, but thats just how things were in your religion is it?

  2. comin from a half middle eastern and indian
    i agree asian, latin and european(esp slavic) are the hottest women around
    this whole modernized/westernized thing has ruined the traditional women but noticed that asian (very devouted mothers an wives i noticed) latin an slavic try to keep it tradtional unlike some women

  3. according to roosh and observation feminsim hasnt been making strong roads in eastern europe latin america an south east asia(though north east to an extent)
    india has strong american influence an feminism has astrong presence
    middle east has been gainin influence as well
    someone has to stop it

  4. I’m French and my wife is American. She is sweet, kind, funny, educated, loyal and cultured. I think maybe the men who is complain about American and western women is only because they can only feel like a man if the woman kiss his ass and act like a slave. The men is the one with the issue if they need wife who will hate them on inside but smile on outside. You need to feel control over someone because you is not feel control elsewhere in your life! Women is not door mats anymore! A decent woman from anywhere will love you, respect you and take care if you IF you do same for her. I think for many of you men who complain you just can’t keep any woman happy so you rather have one who is keep her mouth shut all the time and smile at you like a dunce.

  5. Well lets face it since there are so many Career women nowadays that are Not marriage material at all do to their Greed And Selfishness today that have Ruined many of us Good men already Unfortunately.

  6. I think most of you MGTOW are just FULL of BS. You say you don’t want a career or working women but you can’t afford that. I’m sure 90% of you after marriage would need her to get a job.
    Then what happens when you both are working about the same amount of hours? You zombie out to video games and expect her to cook dinner, dishes, and wait on you hand and foot… You men are equally as unattractive as American women..
    I agree many women seem to be getting manly and lacking in morals.. but you know what else I see from MGTOW men? Double standard bs. Most want women who are virgins or close, but then they spit about all their game and having sex as much as possible when traveling to foreign countries..
    If you expect to marry a virgin you need to expect the same from yourself!
    No.. just no… You MGTOW are so delusionalal.. you actually think being controling, seeing women as your personal slave while you be a 5 year old couch potato, and the worst see women as sex objects.. you think that is attractive? BS BS BS!!!! I am one of those “rare” feminine American women who stayed a virgin til she was married, and I take care of my husband and those I love BUT if I was still single it doesn’t matter what your income is or how many six packs you have, if you’re a celebrity, etc… I wouldn’t ever ever consider dating any of you…
    You have “success” with foreign feminine women… Well thats cause they either just want a green card with you or are just putting on a show, they aren’t virgins anymore now right?
    Yes, women need to stop trying to be men.
    No, women should not become your personal house slave! Yes most likely she’ll need to work like you.. GET REAL!
    There still are some really good women I’m America, and there would be much more if they saw men they actually respect and can be a good husband..
    MGTOW you all need to WAKE UP and look in the mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This article is so true. I’ve been struggling for years trying to find a good American woman, virtually non-existent. A few friends of mine have went that route and after a few years seem to be having good success, I guess it’s my turn to give it a try!

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