Shit Stinks in America: A Society in Decline

I just finished Freedom Twenty-five‘s book Freedom Twenty-Five: A 21st-Century Man’s Guide To Life, and I had one of those aha! moments:

American society is seriously fucked up

Freedom Twenty-five’s excellent book ended up the topic of purpose.  My generation is really lost.  Unlike the Boomer Generation who venerated being rebellious, self-indulgent and free-lovin’, Generation Y doesn’t have purpose or direction, much less motivation.  I know so many men who have no effin’ clue what they want in life.  So many men who are dropping out of college, staying at home with their basements just playing video games, or just smoking weed and fuckin’ ho’s (not such a bad reality actually)  And with the women? I know plenty who drank the GRRLL POWER kool-aid feminism that many of them are just pursuing careers like bitches in heat seeking some lovin’.  Our women are uber ambitious, sleeping with whoever and as many men as their vaginas demand because they think they can be like men (rather stinky shit, right), proclaim to every goddamn worthless man out there that “I’m strong and independent, bitches!”

Oh what happened to softness, femininity, nurture, and love?

Anyways, here are my thoughts as to why shit stinks in America in 2011:

  1. Obesity and Fat Acceptance – Goddamn fat whales and walruses populate the streets and supermarkets of this country.  Everywhere you go in America, you’re more or less guaranteed to find someone you may accidentally mistaken for Jabba the Hut or a guest from The Jerry Springer Show.  I have to admit that I am slightly obese and have been dealing with my weight for a long time.  I have lost weight and expect to be physically fit within three months.  But if I had grown up in Asia or Europe, I am confident that I wouldn’t have grown up nearly as fat.  Why are Americans fat?  Our culture is okay with overeating and eating pure crap!  When foreigners think of what is quintessential American food, they think of…  McDonlald’s and KFC.  Shit, and how about Japanese food?  Sushi.  French food?  Escargot and baguettes.  Chinese food?  Rice and noodles.  Damn, is it any wonder we’re such a fat people?  I am not proud to be fat unlike these fatties.  And so here’s the other stinky shit: why are Americans advocating for fat acceptance?  Fat people must work to lose their fat and become healthy, vibrant individuals capable of touching their own damn toes.  Fat is not acceptable.  It is downright dangerous for one’s health and a cost to the country in health, social, infrastructure, resources…  the list goes on.  Think about this reality.  If 70+% of a country’s people are overweight or obese, where will its police officers, astronauts, soldiers, firefighters, and other important professions come from?  Any society with the amount of glutton and morbidity is fucked up.  Need I say more?
  2. The Breakdown of the Family and Rise of Promiscuity – It’s official, less than 50% of Americans are married.  Also, 40% of all babies are born out-of-wedlock now.  Our culture is as self-centered and materialistic as it gets.  The devolution from strong, patriarchal families to disconnected, lost single-parent families in America is almost complete.  Single mothers are everywhere and their poor children are far more likely to become pussy-fied or delinquent men or promiscuous, slutty women.  Their children are more likely to become drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, prostitutes, etc.  When I was younger, I never understood why the family unit was so important.  I always thought that families were just composed of separate individuals with different agendas.  Well, after traveling a bit, I realized that family is the foundational bedrock of any civilization, particularly large, sophisticated, durable ones like the West, Orthodox Russia or China.  Essentially, whole societies could continue for long epochs of time because they emphasized men and women marrying young and producing children, which begot the next generation.  Think of every single major civilization and culture in this world.  Think of the West, Russia, China, India, Islamic caliphates, Ancient Rome, Persia, etc.  Each and every single one was built by strong men in patriarchal systems.  Systems that let men be men and women be women, and ones that made sure children were born and raised by two parents.  Now, the American family is quickly disintegrating and the future seems uncertain.  Ghettos are expanding in many American cities as single mothers raise delinquent children.  The black community in the States has more or less reached large-scale ghettos and Hispanics are closing close behind.  It’ll only be a matter of time until mainstream America fosters large ghettos.
  3. A Culture of Self-Centeredness, Narcissism and Apathy – I’m not sure if I can find scientific studies or statistics for this claim, but I sure damn well know that my generation is as self-centered, narcissistic, and apathetic, particularly the women.  We live in a “ME, ME, ME” culture where individuals have only self-invested interests, disregarding most others.  We have one-night stands with each other, treating each other like disposable sex objects.  We buy the latest gadgets and fashion, while we load on thousands of dollars of credit card debt and college tuition.  And we don’t give a rat’s ass of politics.  Our culture looks down on intelligent, informed people in many circles, and the girls certainly don’t feel turned on by geeks and nerds in this country.  No society can survive if its members just care about themselves.  Oh wait, I do have an article on the women.
  4. American women are an international disgrace – What can I say?  American girls suck, usually  Why?  They’re career-driven, often fat or obese, butch, masculine in personality, spoiled, slutty, self-centered, slovenly, arrogant, can’t cook or hate cooking, think men are scum, lacking in femininity, charmless, cold, indifferent, frigid, and feminists when it benefits them.  Don’t believe me?  There are whole books written on the poor state of American women.  Hell, even other countries don’t like America women. Now someone will tell me that American men suck because they’re fat, lazy, and commitment-phobic.  However, when American men travel abroad to Latin America, Asia and many other countries, many, many women love us.  Abroad, we have a good reputation for being humane, family oriented, faithful, handsome men.  It also helps that the US is still the richest, most powerful country in the world.  In Taiwan, I get more attention when girls realize I’m American, and even a girl bought me a drink before.  There are also thousands of websites and agencies that connect American men with foreign women.  Look it up on google!  The simple fact is that American men are highly prized in most of the world because we have a reputation of generally treating women very well, having enlightened attitudes about gender relations, and being more faithful and stable than many non-American men. 

America today!

These are just a few aspects about America that stink.  Let me know if you have any others.  I’d like to hear your opinion.

18 thoughts on “Shit Stinks in America: A Society in Decline

  1. A lot of non-American men marry American women and are quite happy with them. They find them to be more accepting and less status driven than women from their own cultures, and much more tolerant of creative career choices other than just the engineer-doctor-ibanker route that their own women seem to covet.

    Some men in my own family are living very happily in India right now with their American wives.

    • It’s true that there are American women married to non-American men (after all, I am taking in generalities since I speak to a general audience), but they are still very rare compared to American men married to non-American women. The ratio is much more in one way.

      With regards to the status-driven women, the vast majority of American women still marry UP, and they usually do dream of some “perfect guy” when they’re younger who is rich and successful and handsome, etc. In the end, all women want to marry UP, but with American women the “UP” part is a pretty high standard. Yet most American women don’t offer much in return, besides sex (most you guys can’t cook or clean much, even for yourselves it seems). With most foreign women, they at least have “marketable” skills besides having the ability to work 40 hours a week for a boss as a cog in the machine. Men have had to work like that for all of eternity.

      • Oh lord. There is no way in hell Asian in-laws would tolerate a jobless or part-time working son-in-law, or one pursuing his creative passions. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        All young young people dream of a “perfect” partners, that’s part of the ennui of youth, so what? Seems like you’ve got some stereotyped and fetishized Asian fantasy going on despite being a full grown adult.

        But I warn you ahead of time if you think Asians would gleefully accept you into their family as one of their own, unless of course you already are Asian, in which case they just have to tolerate you.

  2. Ah, yes, Frost, I like him. He’s a truth-seeker though, like you. And that’s where he’s stalled for the moment. And that’s where he will be unless he takes the (formidable, I know, I was once an atheist) leap to Christianity, that’s where he’ll remain. I’m confident he will eventually though.

    • Wow, that seems like an arrogant presumption that the ultimate truth for everyone is Christianity. Everyone has their own path to truth, and some people could care less about seeking that truth. I was Christian once and I did not ever get to truth. The church scarred my childhood to some extent with its guilt-based, sin-based ideology.

      To each his own. C’est la vie.

  3. So belief in virgin birth and resurrection from the dead, neither of which can be scientifically proven, are all of a sudden an axiomatic, objective “truth”?


    When did THAT happen?

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  5. All cultures are corrupt. Some eat too much, some rape and pillage, some lack substance and entertain themselves 24/7, etc. Most of the faults you enjoy pointing out do not strictly apply to America, but most industrial/1st world countries. About your slam on American woman, those kind of “faults” usually emerge from problems with their fathers, or abuse from men early on. One of the hardest voids to fill is that of an absent father, from experience the Lord can help you find ways to fill that void, but some people “women” turn to food, financial success/security, harder hearts and gaurded emotions. This negative list you have created says more about your insensitivity/narrowmind then is does about the people/culture you are insulting.

    • Sure, all societies have flaws, but they sure haven’t screwed with the nature as much as American society. Go to countries outside North America and you’ll realize that American women are barely women. They’re a species onto themselves.

      Do you think it’s normal for a society to be as fat and obese as ours?

      Do you think it’s normal for a society to have its women placing careers over family?

      Do you think it’s normal for a HEALTHY society to have one third of its children born out of wedlock?

      And besides, what does an absent father have to do with this article or what I’m writing?

      As far as I’m concerned, you’re just trying to shame me. And I know Christians are some of the biggest shameful shamers ever (think preaching missionaries who kill native peoples in order to “save” souls.

  6. I’m a Russian-American woman–grew up in Russia, moved to the US (no, not through marriage or refugee status)–American men are DISGUSTING SCUM, and nothing but dirt to me. Subhuman garbage that I believe in most cases should be shot on sight without mercy, as they’re waste of space and oxigen. American women are great. Of course men in misogynijst, hateful, backwards, disgusting countries dislike American women–cause MEN DON’T RUN THISI WORLD ANYMORE. It’s OVER. FINITA. Bye-bye. KILL YOURSELF. GOT IT, little dickless Ameri-coward? GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY AND MOVE AWAY, IF YOU DON’T LIKE WOMEN HERE. GO WHERE THEY KILL YOU, TRASH.

    • Yes, tell me men don’t run this world anymore when women fight and die in wars, fix and deal with sewers and plumbing, work and sweat in the hot sun as construction workers, and start-up and run innovative companies like Apple and Facebook.

      You bitches wouldn’t last a day without us men. We created all the comforts and conveniences you enjoy right now. Now you bash and punch us. So grateful.

      • US men? Some men. Just like SOME women also contributed with their nurture, love, understanding… that’s an essential part, no society could have been without it. Men created because they were allowed to, while women could only work at home. Also only women nurtured and cared because men also couldn’t. No one would last a day without each other.
        That’s very nice to know American men like to call women bitches, too. You guys really don’t know how to treat women, or anyone else. My Latin women better stay away from your garbage. Most Latin American women know you guys are like that and despise you, it’s just your too delusional to see it, thinking the poor (economically and intellectually) women that kiss your ass are the majority. You are wrong. Only the worst type, women that are after money, would ever want a American man, and that’s a fact. If they want love and companionship, they go after an European, and that’s their preference anyway.

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