ANOTHER EXAMPLE of a Modern Day, Liberated Woman

As if having 15 babies with 3 different daddies couldn’t make you question if Anglo-style feminism has gone haywire, how about a married woman who has slept with more than 1,000 men…  and counting, even after she got married.

Here’s the interview:

It is truly insane that we live in a society where men would even marry a woman like her and TOLERATE her sleeping around.  Why have we men lost our balls?

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An Example of a Modern Day, Liberated Woman

Check this video out:

Insane, right?

Only in America can a woman have 15 babies with 3 baby daddies and still blame others for her prolific, baby-happy, irresponsible behavior.  Fifteen children and she expects the American taxpayer to “bail” her out.

Do you think a woman like her could behave that way in Asia or Europe?

Do you think she just might deserve some of the blame?  She could have used birth control (at least a dozen different kinds!)

Why does she choose guys who aren’t responsible to have sex with?


Indeed, some of you might say that the men who impregnated her are responsible.  They are.  But as with sex and relationships, it’s women who determine who “enters” and gets to “play”.  Where is the accountability?  She could have chosen good, responsible men instead.

This woman and “her” men should just be locked up.  It’s women like her who create ghettos in the US.  Add to the fact that the taxes are going dry, I expect to see ghettos grow larger and more violent over time.

When people say that truth is stranger than fiction, American society is indeed truly crazy.

Just another sign America is in decline.