Career Woman Tells Me Absurd Things

The other day I was talking with a woman about gender roles, and she mentioned how important having a career was to her.  This conversation brought up a couple interesting points:

1. Despite women gaining all the same opportunities to education, work, voting, and legal rights, they still preferred men who made more money and fulfilled traditional roles of protector and provider.

Of course, in the end, women are still women and so women are hypergamous. Women just decided to take control of their lives and set the bar even higher for men when it came to dating and sex.  Lovely.

2. The “liberated” woman barely acknowledged the benefits and advantages (or even denied them) that women still enjoyed that men could not, such as exemption from military conscription, having the choices in life to 1) work and be single, 2) be married and work part-time, or 3) be married and not work, and generally having an easier time when it came to seeking love and sex. 

Women could care less about your disadvantages as a man, and their advantages don’t amount to much in their pretty, capricious heads.  And yeah, military conscription?  Too bad, a woman’s life is more valuable and you SHOULD risk your life to defend my lifestyle of being a career-driven, masculine women!  And she thinks of this as GRRRRLLL POWER!  Pussies.

3. Why Western women still thought that they were “oppressed” and that our society generally treated men like scum and expendable?  Yet despite such conceptions, why so  many women in other countries thought so positively of American men and are very open-minded to dating them (moreover, if American men are so bad, why don’t American women go abroad and find “better” men?)

Feminists have been brainwashing our society for decades.  At this point, women are more or less equal to men and more.  It’s just brainwashing.  In reality, American men are usually nice and do believe in an equal partnership with a woman.  However, feminists have turned feminism from a movement about equality to one about female supremacy and hatred of men (including good, decent men).  And of course foreign women tend to like American men.  Remember, women are hypergamous?  The US is still the top superpower economically, culturally, militarily and politically.  Thus, women in many foreign countries think American men are high status.  Not to mention, remember the feminist brainwashing?  Forty years of feminist indoctrination has turned most American men into understanding, kind men who treat women with admiration and respect (until the day men take the red pill).  So high status + treating women as equals+ being kind and understanding towards women = attractive to foreign women.

My friend was speechless by the time we finished.  She couldn’t argue back.  Win.


2 thoughts on “Career Woman Tells Me Absurd Things

  1. I remember reading a forbes magazine article about why career women make bad wives. It seems like women these days are career-driven more than anything.

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