The Red Pill Paradigm and a Toast to My New Life.

Welcome to my first post on my first blog.  If you’re reading this, you probably could care less about me and what I have to say.  Well, that’s fine with me.  Go screw off then.

If you’re still here, here’s what I am declaring:

I have taken the red pill and have decided that following the traditional paradigm on life no longer works.

From the first day we went to school, the men of my generation (Generation Y or the Millennials) have been told that if we studied hard in school, passed those AP tests, scored high points on the SAT’s, and then got into a top university, we would be handsomely rewarded with an awesome career in a corporate office that will pay us well.  Let’s call this corporate slavery

And on the flip-side of the same coin we also have been told that if we acted nice, courteous, chivalrous and respected women, we would get the girl and live happily ever after.  And for a large portion of our lives, most of us pedastalized women and thought they were delicate angels who could do no evil.  Let’s call this the nice guy syndrome.

Boy did we eat this shit up, didn’t we?  Nothing like the smell of deception and bullshit.

Reality looked far different though.  We thought we would be getting high-flying jobs out of college in companies and government-related positions.  After all, our parents, society, high school counselors, pastors, and even television told us the road to riches lay in studying our asses off in school.  Yet, in these dire economic times our diplomas have been reduced into merely pretty paper on our walls while most of us either stay at home unemployed or working at jobs that don’t even require our pretty paper.  And the girls?  They (Generation Y American women) are possibly the most self-absorbed, self-entitled, spoiled group of womankind on the planet.  We learned early on that being a nice guy did not get you anywhere with women.  They put you into the dreaded “friend zone”: a contemptuously miserable purgatory where the women we yearned for saw us as lowly neutered nothings.  In other words, being a nice guy got you nowhere with women.  Thus, the nice guy syndrome.  Boy did society lie to us big time.  So after studying our asses off all those years hours upon hours after school in high school , stressing over often college-level (AP classes anyone) chemistry and calculus tests, and being most courteous, respectable gentlemen we can be, most of us men have come out empty-handed and bewildered… if not betrayed by society.

Thus, the Red Pill Paradigm.  I have taken the red pill.  I have accepted that being a worker slave in the corporate world may no longer be secure or desirable.  I no longer have to pursue what society tells me is “right.”  And with the nice guy syndrome?  I can choose to either learn game and learn to really enjoy women by treating ‘em like crap and with disrespect, or I can solely put my attention on women who aren’t my counterparts: feminine, appreciative, respectable foreign women (there are literally hundreds of foreign countries out there!)

We now live in a society that favors women more and more.  Women want to take our jobs and do our work.  I’d say let them.

And I say as men to ditch marriage altogether, serious relationships with most women, and parental responsibility whatsoever.

Here is a toast to accepting the red pill paradigm. I have taken the red pill.  Have you?

“Rising from the ashes.  Seeking for the truth.  Reveling in the light.  I am boheme chinois.”


One thought on “The Red Pill Paradigm and a Toast to My New Life.

  1. I’m American and my husband is French. We were just sitting here reading these things on line and laughing. Overall, I don’t think American men are any better or worse than men anywhere else, but I’ll tell you the one main reason I am happy I’m not married to one, (keep in mind I’m American myself) most Americans really are dumb as shit. Male and female, I’m sorry. My husband agrees that only Americans would write such a dumb thing to begin with assuming that women in other countries are all a certain way, mainly because most Americans have never really lived in or experienced another culture, so they assume they know other people when they actually have no clue. I’ve lived abroad, I was engaged at one point to an Israeli guy who told me how mean Israeli women are and how nice I was to him. I have a Ukrainian coworker who absolutely dominates her husband, she actually tells him he must cover his eyes when a naked woman is on tv lol. She also control his money and won’t let him spend more than $5 without consulting her first. Your stereotypes are hysterical. Any sane, emotionally stable person knows that there are good and bad people everywhere you go. It sounds like a lot of these men on these posts seem to pick women who are crazy and then blame the women, but if you constantly pick women who are nuts, maybe you’re nuts yourself. I’m a therapist, so that’s my guess. I see the breakdown of American families, of which both men and women are responsible. Usually these people lack education and act like a Jerry Springer show. But to tell you the truth there is some level of this in MANY countries. And for those of you who think Latina women are subservient, I beg to differ, MANY are the exact OPPOSITE. Further, women in Eastern Europe only put up with chauvinism because they have no other choice not because getting beaten up and treated like a hooker makes them feel “feminine”. The truth is, most of these women are probably laughing at your ignorance, because they know, like everybody else does how dumb and uncultured Americans tend to be in thinking entire countries of people are all one way. My husband and I are very happily married. I don’t dominate him, I respect him and he does the same with me. He doesn’t need to feel better than me, because he knows being a man doesn’t mean degrading women. This is why he has a happy wife!! I take care of him and he takes care of me. We love each other. Loving someone means also showing them respect, and you can’t respect a person who you feel you are better than or need to control. This goes for men and women. I think rather than dating, maybe you all need to see a therapist. I’m open for appointments 🙂

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