The Marriage Strike seems to be working.

To all of you manosphere folks, I have good news. The latest marriage data shows that the majority of American women are single and unmarried. At least according to Dalrock, it seems like the never marrieds are piling up and thirty-something women are getting desperate.


Check it out:

In the past I’ve shown ten year snapshots side by side.  This time I decided to see what the yearly trend looks like for the key age brackets.  All data presented is for White Non-Hispanic women in the US.  Other races and/or countries will look different.  I have been focusing on White women because this avoids the possibility of racial demographic shifts adding confusion, and the vast bulk of the “will I be able to marry?” hand-wringing in the media is coming from White women.  If anyone wants to compile this for another race or country please let me know and I’ll link to it.

When I considered the possibility of a marriage strike two years ago I angered a number of readers for not being convinced*.  Some readers even accused me and/or the US Census of fudging the data.  At the time the trend of reduced marriage rates was very clear for women under 35, but it wasn’t there for women 35 and over.  2009 was the most recent year data was available then, and as you can see from the chart above the percent of never married 35-39 year olds went up by only 0.8% between 1999 and 2009.  In the last two years it has gone up dramatically from 11.8% to 14%.  At the same time, the trends for the younger age brackets have all continued as well**.  While we still can’t know for certain how all of this will be resolved, the more data that comes in the worse it looks for women planning on pulling the marriage ripcord at the last minute.

It is hard to say how much of the recent trend is driven by the economic downturn since 2008.  However, the problem for the women who delayed marriage until the last minute is they don’t have the flexibility of time.  Their fertility, youth, and beauty don’t care about the business cycle.

The compounding problem which seems likely is that as they and their peers become more urgent in their search for a husband, the power in the marriage market could shift from women to men.  Consider the real estate bubble in places like Southern California a decade ago.  Buyers who found the home they wanted would offer asking price or at times above asking price out of fear that someone else would snatch their dream home out from under them.  However, once the bubble burst the psychology reversed, and now sellers are the ones urgent about closing the deal.

The makings of a possible spinster panic would seem to come from the way the flow of would be brides is backing up in the pipeline.  Late 30s is the absolute last minute for women to expect to marry and have children.  From what we have seen the husband panic tends to set in during the late 20s to very early 30s.  This makes the recent rise in never married 35-39 year olds striking.  The picture below takes a closer look at the recent trend for women in their 30s:

Note the relationship between the data points in the green and blue ovals.  The women in their late 30s today are the same women we have data for in their early 30s five years prior.  What the respective trends in the circled areas show is that in the last few years the rate of marriage for mid 30s women has been declining.  This must be the case because when we look at these same cohorts five years prior they all started with roughly the same levels of marriage.

What should make this albeit short trend alarming for marriage delayers is that there is also a dramatic increase of younger never married women making their way through the pipe.  Imagine never married women in their thirties as water in a bucket.  At the bottom of the bucket there is a hole (marriage), and at the top is a pipe pouring additional unmarried women in each year.  The hole in the bottom of the bucket has become constricted, and we know that the flow filling the bucket will be increasing based on the increasing numbers of unmarried women in their late 20s.

*I’m still not convinced what we are seeing is driven primarily by men deliberately avoiding marriage.  I can’t prove this either way, but my own sense is that it is being driven initially by young women deliberately postponing marriage.  This movement to delay marriage by women has had unintended consequences.  Part of the group of men they would traditionally have married have registered the lack of interest by young women in marriage and have not seen the incentive to do the hard work to put themselves in a position to be a provider.  Additionally, as men get older their SMV increases, especially in their late 20s and early 30s.  At some point for many men marrying an ageing carouseler/career woman seems to become less attractive than sticking it out in the dating market with their own rising SMV.

** I left off the 20-24 age bracket from the chart above because it changes the scale, making it more difficult to see the trend for the older ages.  You can see the same chart with the younger group included here.”

For the full article, click here to Dalrock’s.



Quote of the Day

“I met a feminist who bragged about not cooking because it’s ‘primitive.’ I asked what she will feed her kids. She laughed and said nothing.”



Day Bang by Rooshv – Finally Something for Those of Us Who Don’t Meet Women at Bars

Ever since the start of freshman year of college, I have been learning about game and pick-up.  I have read everything from David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating to The Game and actually doing the ridiculous, geeky moves written by Neil Strauss. What I learned did improve my success with women, but I primarily only got one-night stands from half-drunk girls and really horny girls in a college party or some other nighttime venue.  Needless to say, I didn’t pull quality.  However, it wasn’t until my senior when I decided to learn how to pick-up girls during the day.  Let’s just say I had a hard, hard time.

I felt like this guy trying to pick-up girls during the day… frustrated and ready to pull my hair out.

Later, I stumbled upon and discovered a plethora of valuable, insightful, yet down-to-earth information on how to pick-up girls for sex.  I found Day Bang, a book on how to pick-up girls during the day.  I read it within a week and started testing the material.

My day game success improved significantly.  I had my first day bang within a month of learning the material in Day Bang.  I felt shocked and amazed.  I had never managed to get a girl during the day, so I feel strongly about this book.

Now, of course, I don’t think it’s perfect.  Day Bang is quite broad and doesn’t give insight and detail on the author’s experience.  Moreover, it also lacks case studies that I believe are important for newbies to game for proof that this stuff works.

However, Day Bang is very down-to-earth and is a refreshing contrast to The Game, which is very technical and a bit too geeky for my tastes.  The author of Day Bang writes like an average guy like you and me, and his advice is easy to understand and execute.  And for the price of a porn DVD or a dinner, this book is a small price to pay to improve your love and sex life with better quality women…  instead of trying to hook-up with the hoodrats commonly found at bars.  You never know.  Maybe you may find the love of your life!

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the one!

Whether it’s the cute girl sitting next to you at a table in Starbucks or the hottie in front of you in a line at the movie theater, these girls are all opportunities guys lose out on. So if you want to learn how to approach attractive women during the day and perhaps even sleep with her, check out Day Bang.

Now to the local coffee shop.

Nine Months Later in Taiwan…

I haven’t written on this blog in a couple months now.  If you have been reading my blog, you should know that I moved to Taiwan last Summer.  I left the US a broken-hearted, depressed, unemployed, obese, confused individual.  Nine months later (I left late July, 2011), I have lost 25 pounds, feel far better, and am certain of my goal in life: to be wealthy through multiple sources of passive income.

When I left the States, I was reeling through a breakup with a girlfriend who I deeply cared about.  However, she left me abruptly and didn’t even miss me one bit.  She treated me like a disposable tissue.  No feelings, no caring.

Now I am employed with an English school and am working on affiliate marketing through the internet to make a passive income.

Taiwan has been good to me.

-The cost of living is much lower than the US’s.

-The local girls are far more feminine, friendly, sweet, and lovely than American women (I consistently meet western guys here who say exactly the same things about their “empowered” women back home)

-The crime rate is extremely low which allows for a feeling of safety anytime, anywhere more or less.

-I get to be close with family

-Taiwanese people are some of the most friendly, genuine people out there.

All in all, I have to say that moving to Taiwan has made me happier.  Though I haven’t lost all the weight I intend to lose or achieve location-independent financial independence, my life has been better overall.

I am on day two of a water fast and I plan to break it on June 1st, 2012…  two weeks before my 24th birthday.  It has been a dramatic time for me.

I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for reading.

Taipei 101. The only thing that any foreigner knows about Taiwan, besides the girls.


To all men of the world, DO NOT USE TAWKIFY! is a bullshit dating site where men must give their information on income, education, etc. and then send photo of themselves to the women, then the women get to SCREEN the men out without giving any information about themselves (nor even a photo!).

Women in the US have enough power and already are more educated and employed than men.  Forget these bitches, whores, and careerists.

Save your money and go find foreign women in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia!

Let these harpies live and die alone with their minimum four cats!

Men don't have any feelings after all! Bow down to her royal, entitled ass! It's your duty as a MANNNNNNNNN!

Wow, I’m not alone. Other guys think American women suck, too.

I found these sites on the internet.
American women are in trouble.—why-marriage-has-become-a-raw-deal-for-men.html

The Tom Leykis Show



And these sites are just the tip of the iceberg.  Just google “American women suck” and there are over 28,000,000 results.

Thank god, North America holds barely 5% of the world’s population.


Stay-at-home moms provide almost $100,000 in value. More than what most people make!

So I was looking for information on how much value housewives provide.  Well, according to economists it’s over $92,000!  That’s much more than the median salary of American women!

And just to think feminists believe women are wasting their lives when they become housewives and mothers.  I’m not surprised.  My maternal grandma is one of the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met and she’s been a stay-at-home mom her whole life.  She raised four children and has six grandchildren.  They ALL love her and visit her in Taiwan, even though most of the family lives in the US now.

I’ve never heard that much love for a career woman who sent her children to daycare and fed ’em fast food because that’s more convenient than cooking healthy, home cooked meals.

God bless great stay-at-home moms!  Any self-honest, sensible, rational guy should realize that career women make shitty wives and mothers on average.  Here’s the study, says Forbes Magazine.